Soi Boomerang, the new Soi 6?


High quality video from the team at Buzzin Pattaya published in February 2021 discussing the merits of whether Soi Boomerang should be regarded as “the new Soi 6”. Click the YouTube Channel link below to subscribe. Do bear in mind the video was shot in the daytime and at a time when there are no tourists in Pattaya due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Soi Boomerang Pattaya is talked about as the new version of the good old days down Soi 6 here in Pattaya. This small, but very busy, Soi has it all on offer. If you remember Soi 6 Pattaya back in the day when all the bars were closed in, well Soi Boomerang is just that! There are many bars in Soi Boomerang Pattaya and room for plenty more still. Many locals are tagging Soi Boomerang as being the new up and coming hot spot of Pattaya and the nightlife on offer. Head to Soi Boomerang around 6 pm and you will be welcomed by lots of beauties’ all baying for your attention. Check out Soi Boomerang and see what all the fuss is about and why this Soi is shaking up the Pattaya nightlife.

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  1. Lol are you having a laugh? Soi Boomerang is fun but it will never be a new Soi 6. Even if Soi 6 got bulldozed tomorrow at tiny Soi with 12 or 13 bars will never replace a Soi with 70+ bars. Absurd click bait video title – no surprise there from this Vlogger.

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